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Sinamangal-9, Kathmandu, Nepal

Our strength lies in our ability to communicate effectively and on timely manner. We are available on all days to understand your actual need and formulate a process to source out the right candidates. We strive to provide professional and best service consistently to our employers/agents. To achieve this we have formulated a plan and strategy that are mentioned below:
All applicants are pre-screened (Including face to face interview) at our Human Resource Department. Human Resources department maintains Data bank with detailed particular information about the applicants.

  • The categories applicants are sent for trade test and are required to perform tasks given by the experts. They are subjected for selection as per their grads.
  • Facilitation of Language Training to the workers where necessary.
  • The workers are given detailed briefing about the job nature,salary and benefit details and their working environment before the interview.
  • Pre-Departure Orientation classes are conducted for all workers few days prior their departure schedule. This orientation class focuses on reminding the workers about their job, responsibilities, salary and benefits, working environment, information about the company, culture, do's and don'ts, adaptation strategies, personal safety, airport clearance procedure and the most important for their motivation.