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Sinamangal-9, Kathmandu, Nepal

  • Provide us with detailed information about job, required categories, job profile, company, job location, salary detail, other benefits, overtime and other major terms and conditions.
  • Provide us with all necessary documents dully attached by chamber of commerce and Nepal Embassy to legalize the recruitment in Nepal. (Demand Letter, Power of Attorney, Service Agreement, Contract Paper and Assurance Letter.)
  • Confirm us with the total hiring goal, required number of manpower, date of interview and deployment schedule or any other to match to your production plan.
  • Confirm us with the necessary information that the hired workers are placed in their respective filed and are receiving the salaries and benefits as specified in the contract paper.
  • Timely communication updating us on the development of recruitment program such as submission for visa, date of expectation of visas, number of days required for visa issue, name list of workers whose visa application have been submitted, name list of workers whose visas will be applied at a later stage and any other changes in the visa process.
  •  Provide us continuous feedback on our performance to improve our service