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Sinamangal-9, Kathmandu, Nepal

We are well equipped with professional service team specializing in all necessary respective fields with regard to overseas recruitment. Our communication is very effective and we are ready to provide consultation and management services to our employers, agents and worker at all days. We are well equipped with all necessary communication amenities, sufficient office apace, training institute and travel agency. Our management team comprises of member who have dedicated several years of their life in the field of overseas recruitment. Their specifically are very competent in placement, legal matters, marketing, counseling, fulfilling governmental procedures, flight arrangements, out sourcing right candidates and motivating with great efficiency. We have adequate number of Field Officers throughout the country to source out applicants as per the specific requirement. They are responsible to collect candidates, brief them about the job,company and salary detail, pre selection, bring them to Kathmandu for Interview, Medical checkup and the final deployment